Tuesday, May 6, 2014

BoroughBee Space Calculator BETA

So I made a thing: A beespace calculator.

As you might have realized, there are many bee manufacturers, and each one uses slightly different measurements. This results in a mish-mash of equipment that is only compatible in theory.

Have too much of a gap between the bottom of one super and the top of the frames in another? BAMMO! Burr comb on errything.

Space between supers tighter than a hyena giving birth (seriously, just look it up)? Your bees are gonna propolize everything to hell, and you will be miserable trying to pull apart your boxes.

Using raw data kindly provided by Jim Thompson and originally published in Bee Culture Magazine for the same purpose, I have created a Google form which will spit out the space between any combination of supers and frames you may choose to enter.

Unfortunately, it is still a bit clunky. To find your results, you have to go to the publicly available results spreadsheet and hit 'Control + F' to find your name and results. You can also probably just scroll to the end, unless this thing gets super popular.

Lemme know how it works and feel free to leave me some feedback or suggestions for improvement!

You can find the results here:

It might take a few second for the results to update! Its free! Relax!

I currently have data on Bee Forever, Beeline, Brushy Mountain, Dadant, Humble Abodes, Walter T. Kelley, and Mann Lake deep supers. The frames I have measurements for are: Beeline; Brushy Mountain; Dadant; Honey Super Cell; Humble Abodes; Walter T. Kelley Wedge Top; Walter T. Kelley Slot Top; Mann Lake Wood; Mann Lake Plastic; Pierco, Black; Pierco, Green; Pierco, White; and Rossman Apiaries.

If you have hive bodies or frames that you want me to add to the calculator, please email me at info {at} BoroughBees {dot} com!

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