Friday, December 14, 2012

Million Flower Honey Company

If you need some high quality raw honey, head out to Fountain Studios at 604 Grand St in Brooklyn on Saturday and Sunday.

I might not be there, but I'll have some honey from my little honey-sale side project, Million Flower Honey Company, available.

All the honeys I sell are from treatment-free hives, harvested ethically, and completely raw.

Also, they're delicious.

I'm sold out of my batches from Ethiopia and Fort Greene, but I still have quite a bit of honey from my friend Sam Comfort, proprietor of He makes some damn fine honey that you should definitely add to your collection!

Sam Comfort making some queens.

Fountain Holiday Craft Sale

A Holiday Market. Filled with goods. For gifts & more.
Sat & Sun December 15 & 16


Ben Duchac
Caitlin Gleason
Hand Knit accessories
Campbell Raw Press
Carda Burke
Claire Boockmeier
Farai Simoyi
Handsome Miss Mock
Ian Hall
Kaelyn Garcia
Kellyn Leveton
Matt Shaw
Rocket Dove
Roots in Rust
South Fifth
Troy Hagenbart