Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Weekly 101 (3/8/11)

Okay, so I'm pretty excited about tonights FREE Winter Beekeeping Course lecture, hosted by the NYC Beekeeping group tonight:
"There's No Place Like Comb"
Instructor: Jim Fischer

When a beekeeper looks at a hive, the beekeeper looks at combs. Combs and their condition are the best way to gauge a hive's health, robustness, past problems, and future fate.

We will take the accumulated knowledge we have gained of bee behavior and the factors that contribute to and hamper their ability to thrive, and look at high-resolution photos showing good examples of what the beekeeper should look for when looking at a hive.

To show you all these different conditions "in the field" in one season would require us to carefully inspect hundreds of hives and have unprecedented luck. These photos are the accumulated "best examples" found by the instructor in over 25 years of beekeeping.

There is true beauty in the work of bees, so while we all play armchair detective, we will also take a moment now and again to admit just how humbling beekeeping should be.

Class starts tonight, Tuesday March 8th at 6:30PM.

As always, classes are held at the Central Park Armory and RSVPs are a must. To get on the list, email Liane at NYCBeekeeping@gmail.com! I'll see you there!

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