Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Weekly 101 (3/30/11)

Another slow week! All the beekeepers in the city are scrambling to get set up for the arrival of packages in April, so we don't have too much time to give talks and futz about on the internet.

HOWEVER, as I mentioned last week, the NYC Beekeeping Group is hosting a guest lecture by Prof. Dewey Caron!
This is the second in our Guest Lecture Series. Dr. Caron is a much appreciated speaker and the author of a major textbook on bees. This is an excellent entry point for new members, and promises to be enriching for those who have been attending class.


The key to successful bee stewardship is a working understanding of two important cycles the life cycle of the workers and the seasonal cycle of the bee colony. Looking into a colony we review the life cycle and check that it is progressing normally for workers if drones and queens are being reared that provides us some additional clues as to what is happening.

Concentrating on the key features of the annual seasonal cycle, anticipating versus simply reacting to developments in the colony, can significantly improve annual harvest and/or enjoyment of your bees. I will discuss both life and seasonal cycles and provide an update on the bee loss epidemic.


Prof Caron was a PhD student of Dr. Roger Morse at Cornell. Dewey filled in for Roger as a teacher of his popular introductory beekeeping course and helped insure completion of the Dyce Honey Bee Lab when Roger went on sabbatical. Following Cornell, Dewey was apiculturist at the University of Maryland, and then became Dept Chair at University of Delaware.

He served as Professor and Extension Entomologist, teaching introductory courses in entomology, and wildlife biology and beekeeping, and did research or pollination, bee mites, bee pests and queen replacement /swarming. He helped initiate the EAS Master Beekeeper program in 1981. He retired from U DE, but you wouldn't think he was retired from his schedule.

The talk is happening TONIGHT Wednesday, March 30th at 6:30 PM and has a suggested donation of $9.99. As usual, the talk is being held at the Central Park Armory.

RSVP by emailing Liane at or going to their website at

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