Tuesday, January 4, 2011

NYC Beekeeping Meetup Group Class tonight!

Just a quick reminder that the next installment of the NYCBMG Free Winter Course is tonight.

If you're interested in learning how to keep bees, or already know how to and would just like to brush up, the NYCBMG classes are a fantastic resource are totally worth the two hours out of your busy schedule. Plus, the price is right!

Tonights lecture topic:
"OK, I've got 70,000 stinging insects in a box - now what do I do?"

So far, we've covered the life of a typical worker bee, we've looked at bee anatomy and physiology, so the Jan 4th class will address the burning question on everyone's mind - management. We will break down the goals of the prudent beekeeper into seasonal chunks, and summarize the choices and options open to the dogma-free beekeeping practice.

Much will be made of the massive difference between managing a hive in its first year (a "package" or "nuc") versus a hive that overwintered at least one season.

RSVP's are MANDATORY, so if you're interested in attending, join up at www.nycbeekeeping.com and e-mail Liane at nycbeekeeping@gmail.com.

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