Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Return to Addis, May 19th

Morning in Nekemte, the sound of morning prayers from the local Ethiopian Orthodox Church filling the air.

200 km of dirt, 100 km of road.

We stopped for roasted maize from the same family as before.

I took pictures this time.

There were also goats.

And the corn was tasty.

Morning shai.

And good morning to you too.

Mangoes, 3 cents each.

Into the valley.

Fresh eggs, 11 cents each.

Buying the eggs.



Greenhouses for the flowers that give Addis Ababa (New Flower) its name.

Hills and pastures.

Cows and horses.

Leaving Desalegn at his home.

With an awesome view of Addis.

Dinner.  Brain Delight, Lamb brain sauteed in a spicy tomato sauce with beans on a bed of couscous.

+ Italian style cheesecake.

+ Saffron ice cream.  + Roast veal (for my driver) + Middle Eastern mezze platter = $28.
Quite literally one of the most expensive restaurants in Addis.

A recommendation from Bob Holman of the Bowery Poetry Club.  The Ethiopian equivalent of a poetry and music house.  Not a black beret in sight, but an abundance of good music, improvised songs, and tej, or honey wine.
A late night.

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