Monday, March 12, 2012

Hive Check: March 8th

It's warm out. Silly warm. Driving to my apiary in Fort Greene, my car told me that the temperature was topping 70F. Days like this were meant to be spent outside with your bees and I am not one to deny myself such simple pleasures.

Two weeks ago I stuck my head in my Fort Greene hives and found them healthy and full of stores; even a little brood. This week, I found the bees in full on spring prep.

First I saw the huge amount of flight traffic coming in and out of the hive.

Little dudes were comin' in hot and heavy, loaded with nectar and pollen. From the roof, I could see multiple blooming trees, and a friend told me that Maples were already starting to bloom upstate. Sounds like it's gonna be an early spring. The bees think so, at least. I'll probably have to start swarm preparations within the month!

There seem to be bees in this hive.

Both hives have at least two frames of brood in all stages of development, and both are laying in nice, solid patterns. I was inspecting alone, so I don't have any shots, but expect to see pictures of emerging brood this week.

Smoke is magic.  Also, that is sugar, not my drug cache.

I'm not gonna lie. I'm a little excited about this upcoming season, but a little nervous as well.

Thirsty bees.  Apparently sub-irrigated planters make great waterers.

I've got a lot on my plate. I'll be starting my new job as a NYC Teaching Fellow in the fall, teaching science in a high-needs Brooklyn School. I'm starting a beekeeping apprenticeship and queen breeding program with Brooklyn Grange Farm in the Brooklyn Navy Yards. Sometimes I even go out with friends.

Ones who aren't bees.

Me, later this year.

It's gonna be a fun year, so keep on reading!

P.S. Come be my apprentice!  Apply to the Big Apple Apiary Beekeeping Apprenticeship!

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