Thursday, July 28, 2011

Week 9 Followup

While my talented apprentice, Emily, writes about the experience of doing her first solo hive check, here is a short film that was created by Adrian Bautista, Martha Glenn, and Brooke Tascona from footage taken during the Week 9 Hive check.

It looks fantastic, I don't sound like a complete goober, and it got picked up by Food, Inc. Even better, Kazumi, the other beekeeper featured in the video, is partnered with Phil, a student from my first ever Beekeeping 101 class at the Brooklyn Brainery! I'm totally proud of y'all!


Urban Beekeeping: NYC from Adrian Bautista on Vimeo.
This short documentary explores the growing urban beekeeping movement in New York City and focuses on the stories of Tim O'Neal, creator of the Borough Bees blog, and Kazumi Terada, a novice beekeeper.

Adrian Bautista, Martha Glenn, and Brooke Tascona made this documentary for the Design and Technology: Sound and Vision course at Parsons New School for Art and Design during the summer semester 2011.

Shot on a Panasonic AG-HMC 150 HD Camcorder and a Canon EOS 7D Camera.

Tim O'Neal's website:

Music: English by Paper Tiger

Thanks again for the pictures, video, and love!


  1. Thanks Tim!
    It was interesting to see that we said some similar words, although it was totally unscripted.
    Looking forward to "officially" meeting you.
    - Kazumi

  2. Great minds think alike?

    I think we're famous now, but where was Phil!?

    My next inspection in Red Hook is on the 20th, but if it's more convenient you should come by my Ft. Greene location on the same day.

    Phil has my number!