Friday, May 20, 2011

Weekly 101 (Bees Are Finally Here Edition)

As you may have gathered from my previous post and the title of this post, we have active hives again! Hooray!

In terms of bee events going on around the city, this means that there is going to be a shift from theoretical/classroom based events to practical/field/hands-on classes, seminars, and talks.

Still, there isn't a whole lot going on this week.


I am going to be hosting my first FREE PUBLIC HIVE INSPECTION at the Added Value Farm in Red Hook, Brooklyn. The nucs have been installed into their new homes and they'll be ready for their first inspection this Saturday, May 21st, at 1 PM. Everyone is welcome to attend and watch me work the bees. If you're feeling courageous and have a veil, you're welcome to participate and get some hands on experience with guidance from an experienced beekeeper! (Me!)

Starting at 1 PM, I will go through a basic inspection for each hive, starting with a lesson on lighting a smoker, moving on to visual inspections of the comb and a short talk on what to keep your eye out for (with examples!), and finishing up with another short talk on what we should expect to see in the next inspection.


It's all going down at the Added Value Red Hook Community Farm, located at 3-49 Halleck St, Brooklyn, 11231.

To get there by Subway:
A/C/F train to Jay Street/Borough Hall. Exit the station and walk west to Boerum Place and Joralemon Street. Take the B61 bus going towards Red Hook. Exit the bus at the IKEA store, and the farm is across the street.
F/G to Smith and 9th Street. Exit the station to the rear of the train (there is only one exit in this station). Transfer to the B77 (right in front of the station) Take the B77 to Van Dyke and Dwight street. You'll find yourself in front of the Liberty Heights Taproom. Take a left crossing Dwight Street and proceed up Van Dyke to Red Hook Community Farm (one block walk, from the bus stop you can actually see the farm at the end of the street).

This event is taking place during the Farm's open volunteer hours, so anyone who comes out should consider sticking around for a while after the inspection to help out! I'll be sticking around for a while to answer any lingering questions and hang!

Swedish meatball afterparty anyone?

Special thanks to Added Value for hosting this, and future, FREE PUBLIC HIVE INSPECTIONS! They're doing great work, and are always looking for volunteers. If you'd like to help them out, check out their website here!

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