Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Weekly 101 (4/5/11)

And back to our regularly scheduled programming, we have classes this week!

Two of them. Both of them tonight, actually.

For the beginners, the NYC Beekeeping Group is hosting one of their free winter course lectures tonight:
How To Build and Paint Your Hive, And Get Your Bees Into Their New Home
"Wooden? Where?"

The last few days have been a whirlwind getting equipment distributed so please forgive this late reminder about the class. Even if you got the hang of assembly at one of the pickup days, you may want to attend if you are getting bees for the first year, or for the second.

If you are getting a package and equipment in the Spring group order but have not picked up your equipment yet, do not fail to make arrangements with us as you need time to assemble and let paint dry before your bees arrive!

Tuesday evening we'll review & demonstrate equipment assembly, setup, and cover getting your package of bees into your hive.

We will also review what you'll need to watch for in the first few weeks after your package arrives.

If you are new this is a very good entry point as we begin the transition to hands on and field work, so please email if you want to begin learning with us and we will get you registered for the program and seated for Tuesday.
Everyone is welcome!
It's happening tonight at the Central Park Arsenal at 830 5th Ave, and it starts at 6.30. As always, RSVP with the group at their website, www.nycbeekeeping.com.

For the more adventurous or advanced beekeepers, the NYC Beekeepers Association is hosting a talk on small cell beekeeping:
Dear Bee Lovers,

Join us on April 5 for a presentation on small-cell beekeeping. NYCBA member and long-term naturalist and gardener Juliana Zinger will discuss the "natural cell" method of beekeeping as a component of organic, low-treatment techniques in mitigating the impact of Varroa mites.

Juliana is a Manhattan mom whose hives are located on Long Island’s North Shore. This spring, she will be increasing from one to three hives and will be converting to small-cell beekeeping on the two new hives. In other insect-related news, she and her family raise hundreds of praying mantises every year to support biodiversity in their garden.
See you at the meeting!
The meeting starts at 7 and is hosted at the Seafarers & International House at 123 East 15th Street. The meeting is free, membership in the Association is $20.

I can't help but mention that I am annoyed that YET AGAIN, the talks have been scheduled on the same night.

Come on guys. Can't we all just get along?

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