Saturday, December 4, 2010

Queen of the Sun

Queen of The Sun Teaser Clip from Taggart Siegel on Vimeo.

Yvon Achard, Bee Historian, show us the age-old relationship between man and bees.

I want to be this man.

Mainly I want to be able to grow a mustache, but I also covet the kind of close relationship and quiet interaction he has with his bees.

This documentary looks amazing. If any of you have access to a copy of the full version, I would LOVE to see it.


  1. this is so great. can't WAIT to see this film. thx for the link.

  2. You can brush!

    You can brush by mustache!

    They like!

    They like.

    I'm pretty excited to see it myself. Hopefully, someone local will host a screening soon! If you know of anyone interested, I'd love to hear from them.